Ze Graphic Novel Vol. 05

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Ze Graphic Novel Vol. 05
  • Publisher : 801 Media
  • Creator : Yuki Shimizu
  • Rating : 18+
  • Genre : Yaoi, Romance, Supernatural
  • Type : Series
  • Format : Black & White

Elegant Moriya is supposed to return to "hakushi" after his master dies, but he demands another shot at servitude! Reckless Ryuusei lives apart from the family and refuses to use kotodama... but he's inexplicably drawn in by Moriya's seductive power. Can a flawless kami and a twisted human find a way to come together?

Ze takes master-and-servant relationships to delicious new highs... and lows! It takes a brave man (or doll) to ask to be enslaved, but Moriya wants nothing more than to gain the approval of the dismissive Ryuusei. Will he finally work hard enough to win over even the hardest of hearts?