X/1999 Graphic Novel Omnibus Edition Vol. 02

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X/1999 Graphic Novel Omnibus Edition Vol. 02
  • Publisher : VIZ
  • Rated: T+ for Older Teen
  • Format : Black & White
  • Authors : CLAMP
  • Size : Approx. 5.75" X 8.75"
  • Contains volumes 4-6

    Japan's greatest seer, the blind prophet Hinoto, has foretold the end of the world. At the center of her prophecy is a young man named Kamui Shiro, who possesses startling psychic powers. But Kamui is far from alone in this destiny. Armies are gathering, other people with unique powers: the ⌠ Seven Seals,÷ who seem to be Kamui's allies, and the ⌠ Seven Angels,÷ who might be his enemies. All are somehow linked to the destruction to come, and all are now coming to Tokyo to choose sides in the upcoming battle.