World of Warcraft Trading Card Game Molten Core Raid Deck

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World of Warcraft Trading Card Game Molten Core Raid Deck
  • World of Warcraft Trading Card Game
  • Box Size : Approx. 5.5" X 8" X 2"

Deep within Blackrock Mountain, amidst the smoldering lava of the Molten Core, sleeps Ragnaros the fire lord. His minions roam his domain, keeping watch as his lieutenants guard the protective runes throughout his lair.

Enter the Molten Core if you dare, but beware the fury of Ragnaros!

Limited-edition raid decks open up a whole new facet of the World of Warcraft TCG. One player takes on the role of an epic foe that only multiple heroes working together can even hope to challenge. Should the raiding party defeat mighty Ragnaros, the heroes win the chance to crack open the enclosed treasure pack and reap rewards not found anywhere else!

Contains everything the fire lord Ragnaros needs to sow devastation and chaos among those who dare challenge him: 10 oversize raid boss hero cards, Ragnaros raid deck set, Treasure pack with 10 exclusive treasure cards, and Rules supplement.