World of Hartz Graphic Novel Vol. 01

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World of Hartz Graphic Novel Vol. 01
  • Publisher : TokyoPop
  • Author : Terrence Walker
  • Format : Black & White

Han and his life-long friend T have been masters of video games for as long as they can remember. While T seems to be quite the ladies' man in real life, Han is anything but a smooth operator. Online, though, he puts T to shame. When Han strikes out with a female recruiter for the company of his dreams, it's the last straw. Enter the World of Hartz, a new, breakthrough online gaming system offering a totally immersive experience, and the place where Han decides he'll use his gaming skills to become the hero who gets the girl, at last. All he has to do is rescue the damsel in distress. Well, that and make it past a perilous, rotting bridge, the supernatural Gate of Souls and a legion of armored warriors. To make matters worse, to win her heart he'll have to face an opponent he could never have imagined - his best friend!