Wild Act Graphic Novel Vol. 04

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Wild Act Graphic Novel Vol. 04
  • Publisher : TokyoPop
  • Author : Rie Takada
  • Format : Black & White

Yuniko is willing to risk her life to learn the truth about her father, Akira Nanae. Unfortunately, the tape with the truth-revealing converstations between Akira and her mother, Maiko, lands in the hands of Maki, a lower-than-low member of the paparazzi. After Maki carelessly tosses the tape into the ocean, Yuniko takes desperate and dangerous measures to get it back. When Ryu comes to her rescue, Yuniko finally faces her feelings for him. With reporters hounding them at every turn, and Maki always lurking in the shadows to expose any and all details of their personal lives, Yuniko and Ryu must find a way to learn the truth about their secret past without the whole world knowing about it first.