Wild 7 Graphic Novels Vol. 06 (Used)

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Wild 7 Graphic Novels Vol. 06 (Used)
  • Publisher : Comics One
  • Format : Black & White
  • Authors : Mikiya Mochizuki

Pick up Wild 7 for the action, keep reading for the politics. This latest volume hilariously chronicles Sino-Japanese relations amidst a hijacking caper gone bad. Wild 7 launches its rescue when Phantom Shogun's hijacked plane lands in Hong Kong to refuel. After making short work of the hijackers, Wild 7 captures the Shogun. Unfortunately, the meddlesome Japanese Security Police arrive and foul everything up, allowing Phantom Shogun to escape. Ignoring the police, the defiant Hiba takes off after the Shogun, hoping to bring him in alone.