Vinland Saga Graphic Novel Vol. 01 (HC)

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Vinland Saga Graphic Novel Vol. 01 (HC)
  • Publisher : Kodansha Comics
  • Genre : Action/Drama
  • Author : Makoto Yukimura
  • Rated :OT for Older teens
  • Format : Black & White, HC
  • Size : 5.9" x 8.3"
  • Pages : 464

Asa child, Thorfinn sat at the feet of the great Leif Ericson and thrilled to wild tales of a land far to the west. But his youthful fantasies were shattered by a mercenary raid. Raised by the Vikings who murdered his family, Thorfinn became a terrifying warrior forever seeking to kill the band's leader, Askeladd, and avenge his father. Sustaining Thorfinn though his ordeal are his pride in his family and his dreams of fertile westward land, a land without war or slavery... the land Leif called Vinland.