Viewtiful Joe DVD/CD Combo Pack

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Viewtiful Joe DVD/CD Combo Pack
  • Publisher : Pioneer
  • Manufactured in the U.S.A.
  • Run Time : 65 min
  • Contains DVD Vol. 01 & Original Soundtrack

Joe is a dude just like you and me. He has two great loves: his girlfriend Silvia and Captain Blue, the action-movie superhero. When Silvia is magically captured by a celluloid monster, Joe gets himself swallowed into the screen to save her. Joe meets Captain Blue just as the superhero is about to retire, exhausted from his lifelong battle against villains known as Jadows. With special superpowers bestowed by Captain Blue, Joe transforms into "Viewtiful Joe" to bash the enemies in Movieland. Follow Joe on his mach speed adventures with the smashing arrangement from the "Viewtiful Joe Orginal Soundtrack," loaded with a broad range of lively instrumentals, from brash, charged-up guitar riffs to surprisingly beautiful, introspective, melodic pieces. This 38-track CD is highlighted by the vibrant, upbeat vocal theme songs, "Brighter Side," "And you" and "Spirit Awake," performed by J-Pop group, SaGa, making this the perfect soundtrack for fans of both the "Viewtiful Joe" videogames and TV series. CD includes a bonus song track - "Viewtiful World" performed by Viewtiful Joe!