Vampire Hunter D Novel Vol. 13 Twin-Shadowed Knight Part 1&2

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Vampire Hunter D Novel Vol. 13 Twin-Shadowed Knight Part 1&2
  • Publisher : Dark Horse
  • Author : Hideyuki Kikuchi
  • Cover Artist : Yoshitaka Amano
  • Size : 5" X 7"
  • Page : 480

Vol. 13 Twin-Shadowed Knight Part 1 and 2

When Vampire Hunter D entered the town of Sedoc it was in search of answers to the meaning of a dying vampire's last words: "Find Muma." But when he meets Mia, the daughter of the local fortuneteller, he learns the mists emanating from a smoking crater on the outskirts of Sedoc have reanimated thousands of corpses, compelling them to crawl from their graves and hurl themselves into the smoking chasm. When D goes to investigate, he finds himself split in two: a second Vampire Hunter D, full of passion and lust and hunger for the company of women, is born!

Joined by Mia and his unnatural twin, D finds himself on a journey down a hidden road. He will face battle not only against the forces of an ancient mad scientist called the Sacred Ancestor and his unholy monstrous creations; a ghost condemned to walk the earth forever; and a mad monk who revels in torture; but also against the darkest part of his own accursed soul.