Transformers: Movie Prequel Graphic Novel

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Transformers: Movie Prequel Graphic Novel
  • Publisher : IDW
  • Format : Full Color
  • Large Size Graphic Novel 6.5" X 10.25"
  • Author : Furman, Ryall, Figueroa
  • Page : 120

On a wholly metallic planet populated by robotic beings given life and "Spark" by an energized ALLSPARK of unknown origin, war has taken hold - a war for control of the ALLSPARK! With peace shattered, OPTIMUS PRIME takes a daring chance to protect the ALLSPARK from the malevolent MEGATRON, casting the planet's very lifeforce into the depths of space. But now, after countless time has passed, the search for the power to rule CYBERTRON - as well as the AUTOBOTS and DECEPTICONS charged with finding it - has come to Earth.