To Heart DVD 04 Love and Truth

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To Heart DVD 04 Love and Truth
  • Released By : Right Stuff
  • Rating : 7+
  • Genre : Drama, Romance
  • Length : 75 min
  • Language : English/Japanese
  • Subtitle : English
  • Region : 1
  • Contains Episodes 11-13, Special Mini Episode 5-6

Episode 11: "A Warm Gaze" - Multi has proven herself to be more than just a robot - she's an irreplaceable friend. But soon, she'll have to return to the lab, and if she isn't up to their standards, she'll be scrapped! Can Hiroyuki and Akari teach her how to be a proper maid before her time is up?

Episode 12: "The Season of Emotions" - Christmas is coming, and Shiho's usually excited about it. But this year, something's different. Shiho seems quiet and withdrawn - not at all like her usual boisterous self. Her thoughts keep drifting to the past, to when she first met Hiroyuki..

Episode 13: "On a Day of Snow" - Akari, Shiho, Hiroyuki and Masashi have been friends for a very long time. But as close as they are, there are words that have been left unsaid. As the days wind down to Shiho's Christmas get-together, the time has finally come for true feelings to be spoken.

Special Mini Episode 5 - What do robot maids do in their spare time? They get jobs at a bookstore, of course!

Special Mini Episode 6 - All the world's a stage, and the To Heart cast merely players! But why is Serika's butler wearing a pink cat suit.. ?