Thirsty for Love Graphic Novel

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Thirsty for Love Graphic Novel
  • Publisher : Digital Manga
  • Rated : M (For Adults 18+)
  • Creator : Satosumi Takaguchi & Yukine Honami
  • Genre : Yaoi, Drama
  • Format : Black & White
  • Size : Approx. 6" X 8.25"
  • Page : 200

Orie Nakano's girlfriend is cheating on him with two other men! One is the mysteriously untouchable Tatsumi, and the other is the basketball-playing upperclassman that Orie idolizes. But things are far from being as simple as they seem, and now the three men are inevitably pulled towards each other and bond together by their love for Yuka, which extends much farther than just the girl herself. Love, admiration and lust intermingle around them in an inescapable spiral in this coming of age sexy romance.