The Empty Box and Zeroth Maria Novel 06

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The Empty Box and Zeroth Maria Novel 06
  • Publisher : Yen Press
  • Genre : Fiction
  • Rated : Teen
  • Author : Eiji Mikage
  • Format : Black & White
  • Size : 5.5" X 8.25"
  • Pages : 176
  • Release date : 06/18/19

"I couldn't care less what happens to me. All I've ever wanted is for you to be happy." The Silver Screen of Broken Wishes was a Box intended to stop Daiya's plan to rule the world-a theater to show him his past and destroy his wish. Unfortunately, Daiya isn't one to go down so easily, and "Aya" Otonashi is the key to his plan to drag Kazuki into the theater and defeat him. Will Daiya succeed in changing the world-or will someone be able to save it from him?