Teens At Play: Forever Young Graphic Novel

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Teens At Play: Forever Young Graphic Novel
  • Publisher : Eros Comix
  • Art and Story by Rebecca
  • Rating : Adults only
  • Format : Black and white, Paperback
  • Size : Approx. 10" X 8"

Ah, to be a teen again. The full flower of youth, when anything seemed possible and all you could think about was sex. Well, some things don't change! Rebecca returns with another collection of lovingly-rendered tableaux of lovely, legal (barely) lesbian Lolitas. These horny high-school honeys are so enraptured with their budding sexuality and their taut, nubile bodies, they can't keep their hands (or mouths, or cylindrical objects) off of (or out of) each other (or themselves)... even when Mom (or teacher) walks in on them! And who can blame them? Rebecca's fountain of youth is gushing just for you drink it in!