Target: Pheromone PC Game

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Target: Pheromone PC Game
  • Publish By : G-Collections
  • System Recommended : Microsoft Window 98/ME/2000/XP, Pentium II 300 mhz or better processor
  • Memory : 64 MB RAM
  • I/O : 12 X CD-ROM, DirectSound Compatible, Mouse

I can't believe this is happening to me.. This is too good to be true! 'Tottemo Pheromone' is a magical adventure game utilizing a multi-ending system. Silk, a beautiful witch from another world suddenly appears in front of Takuya! To help send her back to her world, Takuya has a major task to perform .. He's got to gather tons of pheromone! Where can he get it? From cute girls in uniforms! Silk really knows how to show her appreciation!! Warning: This product is for mature adults only! Contains graphic sexual artwork, adult themes! Discretion advised. All characters engaged in any adult acts are aged 18 or older. No actual or identifiable-minor was used in the creation of character in this game. Sale of the product to minors is unlawful