Stellvia Character Song Album

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Stellvia Character Song Album
  • Publisher : Pioneer
  • Manufactured in the U.S.A.
  • Length : 37min

Ever wonder what the cadets of the Stellvia Space Academy do to relax when they're not taking exams, pilot training or worrying about the Second Wave? Well, they love to hang out and sing in 'Stellvia - The Great Song Festival,' the newest soundtrack based on the fan-favorite science fiction anime show. Enroll in a music course featuring 10 sunny, spirited vocal tracks performed by the main cast of the series, such as Shima, Kouta, Arisa, Ayaka, Pierre and others. Whether it's for Stellvia fans on planet Earth or in outer space, this cheerful collection of character songs is the perfect companion piece to the DVD series and the 'Stellvia Original Soundtrack - Soundwave of Stellvia.'