Snow Drop Graphic Novel Vol. 03

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Snow Drop Graphic Novel Vol. 03
  • Publisher : TokyoPop
  • Author : Choi Gyung-ah
  • Format : Black & White

Hae-Gi's and So-Na's relationship continues to grow and develop -- but not if Sun-Mi has any say. She schemes to tear them apart, and now she just might have the perfect plan. Meanwhile, So-Na feels strongly that there is a connection between Hae-Gi and the book, Snowdrop, and sets out to find the mystery behind the missing pages in Hae-Gi's mother's copy of the book. In her search for the truth, So-Na discovers a revealing secret about Hae-Gi that threatens their happiness. Will their true feelings for each other conquer all? Or will the book of love have to be rewritten?