Single Match Graphic Novel (Hardcover)

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Single Match Graphic Novel (Hardcover)
  • Publisher : Drawn & Quarterly
  • Format : Black & White
  • Author : Oji Suzuki
  • Size : 9" X 6.5"

Garo's gekiga-ka Oji Suzuki explores memory, relationships, and loss with a shifting narrative and splashes of surrealist humor. A young man catches a cold after being soaked in the rain and is tended to by his grandmother; he drifts, dreaming of a train trip with an older brother he doesn't have. A traveling salesman comes across a boy lying in the middle of the road and stops to have a cigarette and tell a story that flows through memories of faces and places. A young woman walks along the river with her bicycle and a friend - who is nothing more than a disembodied head - discussing their past together, memories they have of each other. Suzuki masterfully plumbs the dissolute depths of the human condition - neediness, disappointment, and betrayal. He literally bathes his characters in expansive shadows that paradoxically reveal as much as they obscure. Suzuki is one of the most talented and poetic alternative cartoonists in Japan. A Single Match is his first English story collection.