Shadow Star GN 05 A Flower's Fragrance

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Shadow Star GN 05 A Flower's Fragrance
  • Publisher : Dark Horse Comics
  • Format : Black and White
  • Author : Mohiro Kitoh
  • Page : 208

Vol. 05 A Flower's Fragrance Shiina and Akira are typical introverted teenagers in every way, save one--their bonding with cute extraterrestrial creatures, part of a growing number of alien entitiy TmigrTs, known as the fearsome Shadow Dragons, all of whom have linked with Earthling youths. Some have bonded with not-so-typical--and not so nice--kids. The appearance of the terrible Dragons in the skies over Japan has brought the Japan Self-Defense Force into conflict with the beasts, and a group of Dragon-controlling hard cases has decided to take the fight to the JSDF and teach them--and anyone else who gets in the way--a lethal lesson in the consequences of crossing swords with the Shadow Dragons!