Seraphic Feather Graphic Novel 01 Crimson Angel

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Seraphic Feather Graphic Novel 01 Crimson Angel
  • Publisher : Dark Horse
  • Format : Black & White
  • Author : Hiroyuki Utatane & Yo Morimoto

In the not too distant future, moon colonists discover a long buried but intact alien starship. A vessel with the awesome technology somehow connected to three powerful "Emblem Seeds" found on Earth. When he takes and assignment as a tour guide for two visiting U.N. investigators, Sunao is drawn into a web of violence and intrigue as dark operatives try to purloin the Emblem Seeds the instigators have brought with them. But the investigators are more than they seem: Attim M-zak, a beautiful and mysterious woman with deadly augmented abilities, and Kei, a Starry-eyed Dreamboat from Sunao's past α whose death brought Sunao to the Moon in the first place.