SD Gundam Force DVD Vol. 01 (Used)

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SD Gundam Force DVD Vol. 01 (Used)
  • Released By : Bandai
  • Length : 75 minutes
  • Language : English
  • Subtitles : English
  • Region : 1
  • Contains Episodes 1-3

Vol. 01 The Hero Arrives! Neotopia is a land of peace and prosperity, where humans and robots live side-by-side in perfect harmony. Shute, a typical boy, is going home from school one day when he sees something strange. He decides to investigate and discovers the evil Dark Axis is invading Neotopia! The evil Dark Axis has targeted Neotopia for invasion. Before Shute can escape to get help, he's spotted by the evil Zapper Zaku. But in the nick of time, he is rescued by an amazingly fast robot. This white and blue robot not only stands up to the bad guys, but, with the aid of a mysterious special power, he manages to defeat them. This is only the beginning of Shute's journey as he begins to discover the true identity of his new friend and the existence of the super-secret Gundam Force. And his new friend's name is Captain Gundam.