Scarlet Graphic Novel 01

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Scarlet Graphic Novel 01
  • Publisher : Seven Seas
  • Genre : Yuri, Horror, Romance & Supernatural
  • Rating : Older Teen 16+
  • Author : Chiri Yuino
  • Format : Black & White
  • Size : Approx. 5" X 7"
  • Page : 180
  • Release date : 02/11/20

Fairy tales, drugs, and supernatural adventure collide in this sexy yuri manga series!

FinT would do anything for her friend, Iris Redhood, even take the illegal magical drug Elixir and become a bloodthirsty monster. Iris would do anything for FinT, including letting FinT drink her blood, the only thing that can calm FinT down when the cravings get too much. But Iris's devotion comes at a price: she's actually a werewolf, and has plans to devour FinT whole!