Sarai Graphic Novel 03 (Used)

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Sarai Graphic Novel 03 (Used)
  • Publisher : DR Masters
  • Rating : Suggested Ages 18+
  • Author : Masahiro Shibata
  • Format : Black & White
  • Size : Approx. 5" X 7"
  • Page : 206

In the future, rampant genetic disorders wreak havoc on humankind. Teenagers turn into grotesque monsters when they hit 18, and growing old is no longer a luxury. There`s only one kind of warrior who has the power to stop it! Sarai`s the toughest guard maid around, and she`s got plenty of work to do. Aside from cooking, cleaning, masonry, life-saving, and battling---there are plenty of enigmas for the long-legged heroine to unravel! This time she`s gotta save an innocent boy from a town of cannibals!