Salaryman Kintaro DVD 02

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Salaryman Kintaro DVD 02
  • Released By : Arts Magic
  • Length : 101 min
  • Language : English/Japanese
  • Subtitle : English
  • Region : 1
  • Contains Episode 5 - 8

Kintaro's taking them all on... the girls, the gangs, the corporations...and is still coming out a winner!

After saving his sone from certain death, the super salaryman leads a challenge to the corrupt faction that dominates Yamato Constuctions. He also finds an unlikely ally in a powerful yakuza boss who has warmed to Kintaro's moreal & physical strength.

Episode 5: The reistance against the crooked President and his cronies grows, while Kintaro arrives home to an unexpected but welcome surprise

Episode 6: Big trouble arrives at Yamato an it's aimed straight at Kintaro! meanwhile, the President makes his move to gain full control of the company

Episode 7: Kintaro takes on two deadly yakuza trouble makers while a tense boardroom battle decides the fate of Yamato Construction

Episode 8: The Chairman's meeting with a yakuza boss doesn't quite go as he expected, and Kintaro celebrates his new promotion by dispensing some instant railside justice.