Rising Stars of Manga UK and Ireland Graphic Novel 01

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Rising Stars of Manga UK and Ireland Graphic Novel 01
  • Publisher : TokyoPop
  • Format : Black & White

The Manga Revolution is an international phenomenon, exploding onto the global scene and influencing our fashion fads, artistic trends, and how we look at visual storytelling. Inside the pages of this book is a feast for the eyes-TOKYOPOP proudly presents a unique, inside look at today's most exciting young voices in manga!

In Rising Stars of Manga-United Kingdom and Ireland, TOKYOPOP has awarded 9 aspiring artists and writers a unique opportunity to be published and receive a well-deserved jump start on their creative careers. This talented assortment of brilliant, ingenious, and unpredictable creators was chosen from hundreds of entries during the international talent competition. Past winners have signed multivolume book deals with the manga giant. So what is the secret to becoming the world's next top manga-ka? The answer is in your hands!