Redmoon Graphic Novels Vol. 04

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Redmoon Graphic Novels Vol. 04
  • Publisher : Comics One
  • Format : Black & White
  • Authors : Mina Hwang

Suffering from serious wounds, Philar is brought to the hospital to be treated by a renowned doctor. While there, even before the doctor can treat him, Philar's wounds fully recover on their own. When Kitara arrives at the hospital Philar is in a semi-catatonic state. She uses her psychic powers to see his future and discovers the developing bond between him and Lunarena. In his confused state Philarl attacks Kitara. Hurt...physically, mentally and emotionally, Kitara runs off for some serious soul-searching. Destino, one of Aguilas's commanders, captures Philar to make sure he is the true "Sun", and in so doing triggers memories in Philar long buried...memories Destino would rather forget...