Red Prowling Devil Graphic Novels Vol. 02

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Red Prowling Devil Graphic Novels Vol. 02
  • Publisher : Comics One
  • Format : Black & White
  • Large Size Graphic Novel 7" X 5"
  • Authors : Toshimitsu Shimizu

In the second installment of RPD Naomi is forced once again to fly as the Red Prowling Devil. The Indian Air Force has hired their newest killer, ensign Vishnu Samil Shin. Vishnu's goal is to become the best fighter pilot in the world. His next target? The Red Prowling Devil! In their first dogfight Naomi gains the advantage and manages to shoot Vishnu down. This only feeds his desire to kill the Red Prowling Devil. How can Naomi manage her friends and love life while this new ace pilot is intent on seeing her dead? Find out in Red Prowling Devil 2.