Record of Lodoss War: The Grey Witch Novel (Gold Edition)

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Record of Lodoss War: The Grey Witch Novel (Gold Edition)
  • Publisher : Seven Seas
  • Genre : Fantasy, Adventure
  • Rated : 13+
  • Story : Ryo Mizuno
  • Illustrator : Yutaka Izubuchi
  • Format : Black & White, Hardcover
  • Size : 6.25" x 8.6"
  • Pages : 300
  • Release date : 12/19/17

Thirty years after the Demon Wars, peace has returned to the land of Lodossāˆšbut darkness looms. After defending his village against a horde of goblins, a headstrong young warrior named Parn sets out on a quest to restore his father's honor and save the realm. Joining Parn are Deedlit the high elf, Slayn the wizard, Etoh, a fledgling priest, Ghim, a grizzled dwarven warrior, and Woodchuck, a wily thief. Along their journey, Parn and his companions discover an evil witch who, for eons, has been manipulating events from the shadows. Can this ragtag party of heroes defeat the all-powerful Grey Witch and prevent Lodoss and its kingdoms from descending into total chaos and destruction?

This collectible, deluxe release contains the complete Record of Lodoss War: The Grey Witch novel in a large trim, gold-embossed hardcover with select color pages.