Ragnarok Graphic Novel Vol. 08

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Ragnarok Graphic Novel Vol. 08
  • Publisher : TokyoPop
  • Author : Myung-Jin Lee
  • Format : Black and White

The city of Prontera is safe at last, but the shard of Ymir's heart has been taken by the rogue Valkyrie Sara Irine. In order to find her, Chaos and his team of companions must book passage to Swartzward onboard a flying airship. An ordinary flight turns into terror in the skies when the witch Arcana leads a fleet of Wyverns to attack the ship. When the ship crashes in the Midgard wilderness, Chaos and team must travel the rest of the way on foot, and their path will take them directly past Geffin, the city of Magic. It's a whole new world for our heroes, populated by new allies and enemies, as well as a few old friends.