Rage of Bahamut Ani-Statues - Spinariaa

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Rage of Bahamut Ani-Statues - Spinariaa
  • Publisher : Kotobukiya
  • 1/8 Scale Pre-Painted Figure
  • Size : Approx. 7" Tall
  • Base Included
  • Package Type : Window Box
  • May need to ship by Ground due to size

The next amazing Ani-Statue from Kotobukiya returns to the world of Rage of Bahamut, the fantasy adventure online card battle game from Cygames. Featuring unique designs and characters, the game has reached worldwide popularity and is perfect for inspiring statues. Following hot on the heels of Dark Angel Olivia and based on the artwork from the online game is Spinaria! Appearing exactly as she does on her rare card, Spinaria takes the form of a beautiful young woman kneeling on a floating disc. The supporter of man and demonkind looks super cute in a fantastical outfit consisting of a multi-colored dress with ruffled chest panel and diaphanous, translucent shoulder pieces plus a small leather cape hanging from a strap, and sturdy leather boots topped with a frilly accent. And there's so much more to appreciate as you look closer to see tons of tiny details like the gold traceries around her collar, all of the stitching and fabric elements of her clothing and boots, and the little decoration adorning her beautiful flowing purple hair. Spinaria gives you a shy smile as she holds up one hand in front of her, the other modestly keeping her dress in place. Sculpted by Sho Kojima, this game card come to life is just over 7" tall (1/8 scale) hovering above the ground on her highly detailed disc platform base with its own collection of unique items. Spinaria looks amazing on her own, and she pairs perfectly with the previously released Rage of Bahamut Dark Angel Olivia!