Pokemon DVD Advanced Battle 10

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Pokemon DVD Advanced Battle 10
  • Released By : Viz
  • Length : 132 min
  • Language : English
  • Region : 1
  • Contains 5 Episodes

Vol. 10 Hail to the Chef!

SITTING PSYDUCK - A fugitive Psyduck runs into Ash and friends, who help it escape Machop, Machoke, and Machamp. But can they help it escape its loneliness too?

HAIL TO THE CHEF! - It's gourmet vs. gourmand when Sneasel and Meowth go head to head over a plate of bad food! And that's just the start of the restaurant battle to end all restaurant battles!

CATERPIE'S BIG DILEMMA - Is the world ready for giant Pokemon? Caterpie eats some of Dr. Gordon's Mystery Candy and grows.. and grows.. and grows!

THE SAFFRON CON - May's ready for the contest in Saffron City, but Harley's there to try and trip her up! Will his devious ways keep her out of the competition?

A HURDLE FOR SQUIRTLE - The contest in Saffron City is on, and May must face the two-faced Harley in battle! Is Squirtle's new Ice Beam strong enough to save the day?