Phantom Graphic Novel 05

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Phantom Graphic Novel 05
  • Publisher : TokyoPop
  • Story : Ki-Hoon Lee
  • Art : Seung-Yup Cho
  • Rating : T (Teen Age 13+)
  • Genre : Sci-Fi, Action
  • Format : Black & White
  • Page : 192

It's all come to this! The final battle for freedom and the conclusion of Phantom! As K and the others make a daring escape K finally learns the source of his powers. The stage is set for the final conflict between Iron and Rynus. K and his crew plan to make a final blow against Iron, but first they must defeat Kas Stein and the Trigger 3! New enemies emerge, alliances made, and K is given the chance to fulfill his destiny. Will K finally be able to defeat Iron?