Peter Pan DVD Return to Never Land Pixie-Powered Edition

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Peter Pan DVD Return to Never Land Pixie-Powered Edition
  • Released By : Walt Disney
  • Rated : G
  • Length : Approx. 73 min
  • Language : English, French, Spanish
  • 16:9 Widescreen
  • Region : 1

Walt Disney's original classic continues in this Pixie-Powered Special Edition of Peter Pan In Return To Never Land that's filled with wonder, imagination - and even more pixie dust.

Join Tinker Bell, Peter Pan and the Lost Boys, and meet Jane, Wendy's ever-so-practical daughter, who's outgrown her mother's tales of pirates and pixies - until Captain Hook whisks her away to Never Land. The crafty pirate sets in motion a plot to capture Peter and Tink, whose light is fading fast because Jane doesn't believe in fairies. Now, only Jane, the first-ever "Lost Girl," can save them - but first she must call upon faith, trust and pixie dust.

Filled with enchantment and adventure, this Pixie-Powered Edition features wondrous Fairies scenes, where you'll step into Tinker Bell's tiny, shimmering world and discover Magical Fairies Moments. Plus, there's an all-new pixie-dusted Tinker Bell Game and much more.