Pastel Graphic Novel 05 (Used)

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Pastel Graphic Novel 05 (Used)
  • Publisher : DEL REY
  • Rating : OT Ages 16+
  • Format : Black & White
  • Size : 5" X 7.5"
  • Author : Toshihiko Kobayashi
  • Page : 208


When Mugi and Yuu miss the last train home after a late night out, a friendly restaurant proprietor, Tetsu-san, invites them in from the cold. Impressed by Mugi's passion for cooking, Tetsu offers him a job.. which is how Mugi comes to meet the gorgeous eighteen-year-old Aoi-san, a wandering artist (and kissing machine) who is deeply in love with Tetsu. Unfortunately, Tetsu isn't interested, but hey.. a kissing machine's gotta kiss somebody, right? It turns out that nobody is safe from Aoi-san's smooches, not Tetsu, not Mugi.. not even the unsuspecting Yuu-chan!