Passion Graphic Novel Vol. 02

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Passion Graphic Novel Vol. 02
  • Publisher : Digital Manga
  • Format : Black & White
  • For Mature Audiences
  • Size : 6" X 8"
  • Author : Shinobu Gotoh, Shoko Takaku
  • Page : 216

Student and teacher. Man and... man. Taboo upon taboo is what Hikaru and Shima have to overcome if they want to pursue their feelings for one another. In this final installment of the two-part "Passion" series, Hikaru and Shima's relationship takes on a more serious tone when the pair begins to see each other regularly every weekend. They agree to have this arrangement until Hikaru graduates. However, Shima eventually seems to tire of it. As Hikaru's graduation draws near, will his relationship with Shima, his teacher, end as well?