Nyan Koi! Blu-ray Complete Collection

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Nyan Koi! Blu-ray Complete Collection
  • Released By : Sental Film Works
  • Rating : TV 14
  • Length : 300 min
  • Language : English / Japanese
  • Subtitle : English
  • Genre : Comedy / Romance
  • No. of discs : 2

Saying that Junpei Kosaka's allergic to cats is something of an understatement, just thinking about cats can make him sneeze. A fact that seems to be lost on his mother and sister, who both ADORE cats. And if that wasn't bad enough, when Junpei inadvertently damages a statue of a cat deity, he becomes cursed with the ability to understand felines. Now Junpei must perform one hundred great favors for cat-kind or face the fate of being turned into a cat himself! Life quickly becomes a purrfect hell as every cat in the neighborhood starts sending Junpei their list of "requests." But it's not just the cats: the local Yakuza's daughter is playing cat and mouse; the monk's daughters are acting catty; Junpei's childhood best friend is ready to use him as a scratching post; and the girl he has a secret crush on is as cat crazy as the rest! Get ready for the ultimate catfight on the road to purrdition in this cataclysmic complete collection of Nyan Koi!