Ninja Nonsense DVD 03 Ninjas on First

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Ninja Nonsense DVD 03 Ninjas on First
  • Released By : Right Stuff
  • Rating : 15+
  • Genre : Comedy
  • Length : 80 min
  • Language : English/Japanese
  • Subtitle : English
  • Region : 1
  • Contains Episodes 7A-9B

Onsokumaru is stuck to his arch-nemesis, Miyabi! It's starting to look like the only way to detach him might be... a Miyabi strip show?! Next, the men want to play baseball, so the girls should take their sissy games someplace else! At least, that's how Onsokumaru feels... The only way to settle this dispute is with a baseball match, girls versus boys! And then, Kaede's school is having a festival, complete with a haunted house! What costume would be best for Shinobu? Cat-girl? Erotic imp?

Shinobu's got a new pet: a 15-foot tall monster plant! When ninjas, butterflies and cats start going missing, all fingers point towards Shinobu's "cuddly" friend... Then, at last, the infamous hot springs episode! Onsokumaru is foaming at the mouth for a chance to see some skin! Miyabi's stationed magical guardians around the women's bath... but where there is a ninja will, there is a ninja way! Finally, poor Kaede is sick. It's a good thing Shinobu and Onsokumaru are around to take care of her! Of course, Onsokumaru has his own agenda - like hitting on Kaede's mom!