Ninja High School Vol. 9: Long Distance Bottle

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Ninja High School Vol. 9: Long Distance Bottle
  • Publisher : Antarctic Press
  • Format : Black & White
  • Author : Ben Dunn

Welcome to the wacky world of NINJA HIGH SCHOOL, a place where the students of Quagmire encounter female cybernetic law enforcement officers, super-heroes created by zetranite-charged steam, and cosmic dogs, all while trying to study for finals. This volume collects four more classic NINJA HIGH SCHOOL stories: "AI-YAI-YAI ROBOTS" From the future comes the amazing OMEGAGARGATUTRON. A giant computer whose sole purpose is the subjugation of all organic life and Its sight is set on Quagmire. Its only hopeαTHE STELLAR LOSERS. we're doomed. "DROIDS AND DISPUTES" Quagmire girds Itself for battle as the minions of the massive computer OMEGAGARGATUTRON. Can this small town prevent the Earth from falling under its evil grasp? "LONG DISTANCE BOTTLE" From the South Seas comes the man-boy AKARU as he comes to claim a new wife: ICHI-KUN. Problem is, she doesn't want to marry him. However, AKARU is not one to give up easily and will have her no matter the cost. "RIVALRY AND WAR" AKARU intends to take ICHI-KUN back to his island wether she likes it or not. JEREMY must then challenge AKARU to a duel where there will be only one winner.