Ninja High School Vol. 12: Enter: the Y-MEN

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Ninja High School Vol. 12: Enter: the Y-MEN
  • Publisher : Antarctic Press
  • Format : Black & White
  • Author : Ben Dunn

Welcome to the wacky world of NINJA HIGH SCHOOL, a place where the students of Quagmire encounter female cybernetic law enforcement officers, super-heroes created by zetranite-charged steam, and cosmic dogs, all while trying to study for finals. This volume collects four more classic NINJA HIGH SCHOOL stories: "AFTERMATH" It is the end of the giant monster wars and Quagmire is at last rebuilding its town. Ricky Feeple and his friends go about their own business when Lendo's brother shows up vowing revenge on him and his family. "ENTER: THE Y-MEN" Sammi must make a delivery to the tar side of town and encounters a strange school for talented youngsters run by a senile old professor. There she meets Charles, but is he all that he seems to be? "SECRETS" Sammi and Charles become good friends but there is a secret Charles holds that will doom the relation before it gets started. Meanwhile, the menace of Destructo and the Junkman grows more dangerous everyday. "WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND" Destructo and the Junkman team up to create a weapon that will control Quagmire and possibly the world. The Y-Men must team up with Ramen Rider to defeat them, but will Sammi's feeling for Charles interefere with victory?