Ninja Girls Graphic Novel 07

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Ninja Girls Graphic Novel 07
  • Publisher : Kodansha
  • Rating : OT Ages 16+
  • Author: Hosona Tanaka
  • Format : Black & White
  • Size : 5" X 7.5"

100 Arts... 100 Ways to Die

The kunoichi are called back to Iga to attend the Ritual of 100 Arts. The leader-to-be of the shinobi of the Katana clan must go through the Ritual of 100 Arts, a challenge wherein the successor must break the power of all 100 Iga ninja techniques. Momochi Orochi, the chief candidate, drags Raizo into the ritual without honestly explaining why he's needed. As the ritual goes on, we learn a terrible secret about Kagari's Shintaigo technique and finds out exactly why Momochi needs Raizo. Can Raizo help Momochi complete the ritual of 100 Arts? Should he?