Night Shift Nurses Kranke DVD 03

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Night Shift Nurses Kranke DVD 03
  • Released By : Adult Source Media
  • Uncensored - Adults Only
  • Length : 30 min
  • Language : Japanese
  • Subtitles : English
  • Region : All

I want to experiment.. Is this a dream? Could the doctor really want to marry me after all the years of sexual deviance?

Hikaru has dived into a life of hedonistic sex games which have culminated in the day every girl dreams of - her wedding day. Now the blushing bride and her perverted doctor husband look forward to slower paced days. But that doesn't last for long. In no time these perverts are up to their old ways. Sexual fetishes that give the term "Honeymoon" a new demented meaning. A new town leaves all kinds of new places to experiment..