Natural Obsession 2 DVD 04

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Natural Obsession 2 DVD 04
  • Released By : Adult Source Media
  • Adults Only
  • Length : 30 min
  • Language : English, Japanese
  • Subtitles : English, French
  • Region : 1

Ezaki Hinami is a photographer in the editorial department at the local newspaper. Her first love was Shoma, who was an intern teacher when she was a college girl. Time went by, and now they work at the same office, but her strong feelings of passion for him have not changed. One day, Hinami takes Shoma into a "love motel," telling him it was for research. This almond eyed hottie unleashes her many years of perverse fantasies upon him. These cock-craving, ball-sucking beauties are even serving up poontang in the park.