Naruto Uncut DVD Box Set 13 Special Edition

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Naruto Uncut DVD Box Set 13 Special Edition
  • Released By : Viz
  • Limited Edition UNCUT Version
  • Rating : T+ for Older Teen 16+
  • Length : 375 min
  • Language : English, Japanese
  • Subtitles : English
  • Region : 1

Includes Limited Edition Minija Figurine of Kakashi!

Naruto summons a couple of old amphibious pals--Gamakichi and Gamatatsu--to help him solve a mystery surrounding a mysterious Cursed Warrior. Back at home, there's nothing more motivating for Choji and Naruto than a bowl of steaming hot Ichiraku ramen, and they're really going to have to sing for their supper when the owner's daughter is kidnapped! Can they get her back and save the restaurant's secret recipes in time for dinner? Then, Anko must face the darkness in her past when she's called to lead a mission to a place she once visited with her former sensei, Orochimaru! Will facing the truth save the mission--or break her forever?