Ming Ming DVD (Live Action)

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Ming Ming DVD (Live Action)
  • Released By : Joy Sales Films And Video Distributors
  • Genre : Action
  • Rating : Category IIA, Not suitable for children
  • Length : 106 min
  • Language : Mandarin & Cantonese
  • Subtitled : English, Trandtional Chinese & Simplified Chinese
  • Region : ALL

MingMing (Zhou Xun) is a 21st Century martial arts princess and lady Robin Hood who steals for love. Her Prince Charming is D (Daniel Wu), a maverick fighter and irresistible rogue who posted this challenge to his swarms of female admirers - give him 5 million dollars and he'll run away with his benefactress to Harbin.

MingMing loses no time to rob Underworld boss Cat (Jeff Chang). In an act of whimsy, she takes away a curious looking box as well. Little does she knows that the box hides the invaluable. While fleeing from Cat's henchmen, MingMing runs into Nana (also played by Zhou Xun). Not only is Nana a virtual look-alike of MingMing, she is also one of D's girlfriends. MingMing makes Nana the scapegoat for her theft and takes off with the box. However, MingMing's secret admirer Tu mistakes Nana for her, and becomes her guardian angel.