Mao-Chan DVD Vol. 03

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Mao-Chan DVD Vol. 03
  • Released By : Pioneer
  • Length : 81 minutes
  • Language : English & Japanese
  • Subtitles : English
  • Region : 1
  • Release Date : 02/24/04

Vol. 03 Song of Defense Pint-sized girls, Mao-Chan, Misora-Chan and Silvia-Chan enlist the help of new alien detective, Kiku Ichimonji the Third, and continue to give it their all to defend Japan against attacks by the cute yet pesky aliens. Aliens targeting apples, tangerines and melons pop up from nowhere all over Japan. The girls fend off a potential attack by monkey alien at a Japanese inn by the hot springs. Where next will these aliens show up to surprise the girls? And can the trio keep it together? Will ship out as soon as we stock the item. May incur extra shipping if multiple shipments are necessary to fulfill order.