Mangerotica Graphic Novel 01 Countdown Sex Bombs

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Mangerotica Graphic Novel 01 Countdown Sex Bombs
  • Publisher : Fantagraphics
  • Format : Black & White
  • Author : Hiroyuki Utatane

If you found it hard to resist the Temptation collection, then you're guaranteed to blast your briefs with Countdown: Sex Bomb - eight full-on, hard-on inducing tales that shatter all taboos, rendered with Hiroyuki Utatan's super-clean, super-detailed artwork. Featuring:"Virgin Road" - Sumiko is about to be married. But when Mika, a girlfriend from her past, shows up with a special secret - and an even bigger surprise for the blushing bride-to-be - Sumiko can't resist her offer for a bridal shower you wont forget."TV Dance Party" - A dominant girlfriend is literally hot-to-trot as she dresses her boyfriend up for a "girls night out" at a local dance club, where they dance to the best and really turn up the heat in a forbidden tango of lust!"Blue" - Jun and Megumi are two comely coeds with a hankering for hooky and a taste for each other's lusty and lovely bodies - just watch as they take off from school for their own special "hot box lunch"!Plus five more stories! From the frenetic family fuck-fest of "Lonely Night Bird" to the hot-for-teacher sexual hijinks of "Sweet Lips," the cum-plete Countdown collection delivers the best in over-the-top erotica - MangErotica style! Produced by the award-winning ,manga maves at Studio Proteus with ALL the XXX action redrawn by the original artists to correct Japanese Censorship, this is erotic action as it was meant to be seen!