Manga University - Manga without Borders (English)

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Manga University - Manga without Borders (English)
  • Published : Manga University
  • Format : Full Color
  • Text : English
  • Size : Approx. 8" X 10"
  • Page : 66

MANGA WITHOUT BORDERS is your passport to an exciting land where there are no cultural boundaries, a place in which comic artists from all four corners of the world gather to exercise their freedom of expression.

From Australia to Estonia, Poland to the Philippines, South Africa to the United States-and many countries in between-these artists are not only adopting manga with open arms, they are energizing it with elements drawn from their own unique experiences.

Compiled from the prestigious Manga University contest archives, the works contained herein are testatment to the evolution and wide-reaching influence of the Japanese comic art form.

Featuring an introduction by the legendary Takao Saito, creator of the best-selling manga series Golgo 13.