Love & Like Graphic Novel

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Love & Like Graphic Novel
  • Publisher : Project-H
  • Creator : Ryohzoh
  • Genre : Hentai
  • Rating : M for Adults 18+ Only
  • Type : Single Volume
  • Format : Softcover, Black & White
  • Size : 5.825" x 8.25"

Sweet and sultry Rin is every guy's (and girl's) number-one fantasy! But if the ultimate cutie already has two boyfriends, how can she possibly satisfy her legion of devotees? It'll take a little imagination, But Rin's always up for a sexy challenge!

Love & Like explores the outer limits of outrageous passion and unstoppable attraction! Can the hottest girl in school survive the advances of her masochistic mates? And will a super-fun swim lesson suddenly turn into something much more slippery?