Lizard Prince Graphic Novel 02

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Lizard Prince Graphic Novel 02
  • Publisher : CMX Manga
  • Rated : Everyone
  • Creator : Asuka Izumi
  • Genre : Fantasy
  • Format : Black & White
  • Size : 5" X 7.25"
  • Page : 192

A promising start and a calamitious finish for Sienna and Canary!

In the final volume of the series, Sienna returns home to the palace. His parents are delighted to have him back, and they are also happy about his relationship with Canary. But before the "happily ever after" can happen, there is an initiation for the couple. Sienna's brother, Prince Heath, accidentally jumpstarts the initiation and wipes out Sienna's memories. Can Canary bring them back? And later, when Sienna loses control of his shape-shifting with the wedding only a few days away, will Canary have to marry a lizard after all?