Leatherman DVD Vol. 02

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Leatherman DVD Vol. 02
  • Released By : Nutech
  • Length : N/A minutes
  • Language: English and Japanese
  • Subtitles: English
  • Region : All

Filling his bag with contents from a safe, Cruz drives off on his motorcycle to evade capture. He is injured during a daring escape, and is carried into a hospital. During his short stay, he manages to seduce a nurse. Watching her co-worker's torrid tryst, Yoshimi, a nurse, also makes her sexy body available to Cruz. Checking himself out of the hospital, Cruz continues his escape. He makes a short stop to have some sexy playtime with. Yumiko! Continuing with his journey. Cruz picks up a runaway, Mihono. After she steals his bag, she tries to hitchhike to the next town in a car with two guys. However, the money in the stolen bag is accidentally revealed, and she ends up blindfolded and hound in a hotel, while the two men discuss what to do with the money and Mihono. Will she be able to escape? Will Cruz find her and his bag in time?